Miracles do happen

Thanks to the wonderful doctors at Alai shelter DrAbhishek Gupta and Dr Sumedh Shastry .

87 days is what we took to give this dog a new life..

The overall cost for the treatment is 5000..

Do help us so that we can help more..

Paytm - 8971129269

Trust account

Account details

Bank Name: RBL
Branch : Indiranagar
Account no - 409000669345
Account name - Animal lives are important
IFSC: RATN0000207
Current account

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Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul

Your generosity and compassion is our strength and motivation..

Thanks a lot once again to each and everyone for your support and contribution ..

Skyla Pinto , Chitra Vishnoi , Radhika, Abhishek Sharma , Rosie Paul , Anshu Vyas , Christable Doss , Srujana Boyanapalli , Vijaya , Divya Perumal , Vasumathi Ds Ponday , Shruthi, sambrama, Hema Malini , Sneha, Anirudh Banerji , Ranjana Chandrashekar, Lovleen Leenjith , Satyanarayan Swamy , amrutha , Divya Gupta , Megha Chandran and Bindu Shree

Loads of love from all the doggies at our shelter.

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Come Forward and Take Us Home

We were abandoned..

We were left on streets to die..

We were hit by stones ..

We were separated from our mother.

Out only mistakes , we really don't have a clue..

We got adopted but we're returned back the very next day..

But we are hopeful that somewhere, in some corner we have that ONE family that's realdy to take us in..

Please do come forward and adopt them..

Do Watsapp on 9739288282..

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